Peter Valentino for Governor

California Gubernatorial Candidate

The California Declaration

Be it known before all, that we the undersigned, Citizens of the Republic of California, do hereby officially opt out of all U.N. Agenda 21 protocols and policies. We have become aware of these specific policies in our state and local jurisdictions because of the fact of their unconstitutionality and due to their increasing abridgment of our Rights as U.S. Citizens. We do not consent to any rule or system that comes from beyond our borders or that in any way reduces our Rights as Americans.

We hereby decree that California will again adhere to our State and Federal Constitutions and that we will return to living in accordance with their protections.

Speaking to the United Nations Agenda 21 entity, I say to its perpetrators: Do not think us weak—for we are much stronger than you who would aggress against us. We seek release from these Agenda 21 policies which we did not sign on to. We ask that all our leaders reestablish their commitment by Oath, to uphold The Constitution of the State of California. And we declare plainly that all governmental officials, be they elected or not, who are conducting affairs at variance with our laws, and whose actions are not in the best interest of Californians, shall be removed from office forthwith.

Just because our Federal Government has been taken over by the United Nation power structure does not mean that California, as a Sovereign State of the Union, has also succumbed. Our Government is a matter of Law, not of trickery. We are perpetually loyal to the Declaration of Independence and to the U.S. Constitution, and we state plainly, in view of our Tenth Amendment States Rights, that we must now draw a line of self-protection. Through the exercise of these same Rights, we hereby declare that no United Nations or Federal depopulation program, such as: GMO's, weather modification—deadly aerosols and accompanying 5G proliferation, fluoride in our water, forced vaccinations or other poisons of mind or body foisted upon us by the United Nations or Federal Government shall hereafter be accepted by California. As a legitimate State and Constitutional Republic, we cut all ties to the United Nations and to any and all regulations or restrictions therefrom.

We ask to be spared any further aggression, Geoengineered weather or fire assault, for we will not tolerate one more attack of any kind. Those behind these attacks will be criminally charged by the People of the State, and punished in Accordance with Law.

This covenant we swear with one another, and pledge to uphold with all the power of our Lives.

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